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We are here to provide best services for our clients in getting Divorce Decree on the grounds of Mutual Consent of both the Husband and Wife or on the ground of Cruelty or Desertion etc.  If you are victim of various cruelties committed by your life partner or if residing separately for long time, then the only option left with you is Seeking Divorce on the ground of Cruelty and Desertion. We are Top Divorce Lawyers in Delhi.


We also offer our services for custody of your child. Filing petition under Domestic Violence Act is the best way for the mother to claim custody of her child and ex-parte order can be claimed immediately.  


 We have extensive experience in areas of law practice of Family laws. Our firm advises its foreign and domestic clients on all aspects of family laws applicable in India. The firm further actively represents clients before various legal forums including family courts, district courts, High Courts in India and the Supreme Court, National Human Rights Commission, YWCA, National Commission of Women, other Women’s cell / organizations.
The firm practices in the following areas of Family law:

  • Registration of marriages;
  • Divorce;
  • Dowry demand complaint cases;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Police protection;
  • Maintenance;
  • Restitution of conjugal rights;
  • Child marriages;
  • Adoption;
  • Guardianship;
  • Personal laws;
  • Muslim laws;
  • Inheritance & succession;
  • Probate and wills;
  • Partition.

Best Civil Lawyers



Our litigation lawyers are well-known for their knowledge and expertise. With experience in a broad range of commercial and civil litigation we provide a full range of dispute resolution and litigation services. We will work towards a speedy resolution when a satisfactory settlement can be reached but are prepared to proceed to court in a tactful manner when necessary.  We are top Civil Lawyers. 


We deal following civil cases between Landlord & Tenant :

(i) Eviction petition by landlord against Tenant under Delhi Rent Control Act for the bonafide requirement of landlord and his family members if the rent is Rs.3500/- or below Rs.3500/-per month. 


(ii) Suit by landlord against tenant for possession, recovery of arrears of rent and damages at market rate from termination of tenant till handing over the possession before Civil Court if the rent is above Rs.3500/- per month. 


(iii) Suit by landlord for permanent injunction restraining the tenant from sub-letting, parting with or creating any third party interest in the tenanted premises.


(iv) Suit by tenant for permanent injunction restraining the landlord from dispossession the tenant from the tenanted premises forcibly without following due course of law.

Top Property Lawyers


We are Top Property Lawyers. 

We deal all types of property matters such as 

  • Suit by purchaser for specific performance of Agreement to Sell against the Seller to register the Sale Deed after receipt of remaining sale consideration or in the alternative to refund double of the earnest money with pendent-elite and future interest.
  • Suit by purchaser for permanent injunction restraining the seller from selling, transferring and/or creating any third party interest to any third party. 
  • Suit by Seller against the Purchaser if possession of the property has been handed over to the purchaser under unregistered Agreement to Sell but the sale deed has not been executed on account of failure on the part of the purchaser to pay the sale consideration within the time as per the agreement to sell. 
  • Suit by the Seller to cancel the agreement to sell on account of failure on the part of the purchaser to comply with the agreement to sell. 
  • Suit by the purchaser to recover the earnest money with pendent-lite and future interest.
  • Suit for declaration of ownership rights.
  • Suit for declaration of sale deed or any other document as null and void.
  • Suit for cancellation of sale deed.
  • Suit for declaration of gift deed as null and void.
  • Suit for cancellation of gift deed.
  • Writ Petitions before Hon’ble High Court that no unauthorized construction be carried out in the property and for demolition of illegal and unauthorized construction raised in the property.
  • Suit for possession of immovable property and damages from the unauthorized occupant. 
  • Appeal against Demolition Order of MCD.
  • Appeal against Sealing Order of MCD.
  • Appeal by borrower or tenant under Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act, 2002 (also known as the SARFAESI Act) against the recovery proceedings by Bank against the mortgaged property. 

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Best Divorce Lawyers

We practice in All Over India. We believe in early disposal of all the cases.  We are team of best team of Experienced Lawyers in New Delhi.  We are dealing all types of Divorces Cases, Civil Cases, Matrimonial Cases, Child Custody Cases, Maintenance Cases, Family Court Cases, All Types of Property Matters,  Eviction of Tenant and illegal occupants, Rent Matters. etc. 

Best Divorce Lawyers in Delhi

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